I’d like to pose a question to everyone reading this: why are you here? As in, why are you reading this? Why do you visit this website? At some point in the future, I’d like to know why (if it proves true) do you come back to the website, but for now, I’d just like to know why you’re here.

Are you here for the comic? If so, cool! I wrote the comic with at least the vague idea that it be read by other people, and if people are indeed reading it, then cool! Are you here for the blog? If so, then the blog is totally doing its job! I started the blog because I figured I needed more content for my website. I wanted people to have a reason to possibly check the website throughout the day, maybe find something interesting, and then totally get stuck digging through the archives for other related (or random) stuff.

Maybe you came here for one, and stayed for the other. Maybe you enjoy both. Maybe you’re a friend of mine — that’s okay too! I like friends! Maybe you’re fascinated by my individual neurosis manifests in my writing and you’re just here to watch me and take bets on when I implode. That’s cool too!