Because I’m a great, big nerd. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the sling as an ancient weapon, and methods of slinging. Nenshe uses a sling, and I know next to nothing about the sling as a weapon, so I decided to do some research into slings and the art of slinging.

I found some handy videos on Youtube of some sling enthusiasts demonstrating different methods of slinging, and I scoured the Wikipedia article for links to “slinging resources.” I learned a lot about slings and slinging, and it remains something “pretty damn cool” in my mind. There’s one main thing I want to know, though, which has been difficult to sort out: What kind of sound does a sling make in use?

My ignorance tells me it would make a whooshing sound in the first few rotations, and a snapping sound when it’s released, and a couple of the videos I watched showed this to be true … but in other places I’ve read, the sling is said to be a stealth weapon, capable of being used without making much sound at all.