I had a lovely holiday that began sometime Thursday and stretched until yesterday. I really did intend to keep blogging throughout the weekend, but even the best laid plans often go awry … or something like that. I’ve started to catch up — you’ll notice that while it took me a few hours, I did get the next vignette online — which I wrote on Friday, but didn’t have time to transcribe until today.

I made to leave work early on Friday so my mom and I could pick my brother up at the airport, and it turned out we had the day wrong — his flight wasn’t until the next morning. Still, I left work early and the three of us — my mom, cookiemonger, and I — slogged through traffic to reach my cousin’s going-away party. Cookiemonger met more of my family, and I spent the rest of the evening with her family.

Saturday, cookiemonger got her dress hemmed, and her brother and I looked at ties. I returned home with a little time to prepare for D&D that evening, and I suited my brother up with a character and dragged him along to the game. Sunday morning, we played a three-player game of Arkham Horror and made it out to visit with more family before heading to CM’s for Easter dinner. We played Magic with her brothers.

We returned home after dinner, and my brother and I played a game of Agricola. He said I did pretty well (I managed a score in the double digits … a whopping 15 for my first game) — it took some coaching and I had to insist on playing all the way through the game to see what kind of score I earned with the strategy I was using. It’s a pretty complicated game. (Not as complex as Arkham Horror, of course.)

Yesterday, CM, her mother, my mom, my brother and I (wow, this is turning into a game) went out for breakfast, then CM and I went and created a wedding-gift registry at Target. There was a bit of planning beforehand, but I think ultimately, it just came down to going down the rows of items and thinking one room at a time. We did circle the store once, at first, and we lingered in the kid’s clothing section for a while…

CM was feeling ill, so she skipped out on dinner that night. My mom, my brother, and I went to eat at Famous Dave’s and gorged ourselves on the slow-cooked meat of pig … they had an interesting blackberry sauce that my brother tried, but I think I ultimately preferred the classic sauce. We talked about a bunch of stuff, and I remember very little of the conversation. *snicker*

All in all, a fabulous holiday-weekend.