My second article for Inside AX went live this afternoon, my review of the Clannad movie. I watched the movie in bits and pieces before I began my review, and so my first few drafts were kind of sketchy. This article, at least, I saved copies of every significant draft from the beginning (where I wrote to get stuff off my chest) to the end, where I was polishing my writing to a shine.

It was a different experience than writing the My Little Ponies review. I had a clear angle when I wrote the Ponies review, which was “wow, I didn’t hate this … and how!” My feelings toward Clannad were a lot more ambivalent going in, though I’d had the series recommended to me on more than one occasion. When the opportunity came up to review it, I said “sure,” ’cause it sounded familiar.

My preparation for the viewing and subsequent article was actually to not read up on any of the supplementary material, so I could view it with a fresh point of view. I mostly adhered to this guideline, though at least one of the people with whom I watched the movie was familiar with the series. I got a lot of point-by-point comparisons of the two in the midst of watching the movie, and I read up on both upon finishing.

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