Played a game of Arkham Horror Sunday morning, and I made some tweaks to the game because I was in the mood to experiment. First things first, I sorted the investigators into four piles: fighter types, caster types, explorer types, and jacks-of-all-trade. Simply put, the characters with the highest fight I deemed to be fighters, the highest lore-characters were casters, the luckiest investigators were explorers, and everyone else went into the “jack of all trades” pile.

My brother took Patrice Hathaway, the violinist, whom I’d deemed a caster-type (she’s a support character, really, but she fit the caster mold pretty well), my mom took Wilson Richards, the Handyman, whom I’d labeled a jack-of-all-trades (he is, quite literally), so I figured that my best bet would be an explorer, so I grabbed Tony Morgan, the Bounty Hunter, for a bit of a change (he’s also a fairly competent fighter).

I removed all the Mythos cards that specifically referenced encounters or locations in Dunwich, Kingsport, and Innsmouth, but kept in any others from those expansions. I sorted the monsters and removed all of the monsters with the diamond-, slash-, square-, star-, and triangle-dimension symbols. We played with the new Lurker gates, but we used none of the heralds. We kept all of the Arkham Encounter cards.

Our Ancient One was Chaugnar Faugn. We played with only the core board for simplicity, and I separated the Mythos cards into three decks: headlines, environment, and rumors. I would draw mostly from the headline deck, but I periodically drew from the environment deck, usually waiting until it inconvenienced at least one player before going back to headlines. I drew one rumor when things started to slow down, which we were able to resolve quickly and served a decent distraction.

I want to keep experimenting with the game elements and see what I can do to accelerate the pace of the game, and see how I can make it more fun. :D