I may be watching too many murder mysteries lately. I had a seriously weird dream last night. Not exactly a nightmare, it was just a disturbing dream. I remember I had my driver’s license (a detail that doesn’t match reality) and a green car, which I left in an airport parking lot for some reason. In a brilliant move, I also left my backpack behind with my laptop.

When I returned, I found my car like it had been gutted with a can opener. My backpack was lying on the ground nearby, with everything intact, but my laptop missing. Since it was the source of my livelihood, I was understandably distraught.

Then suddenly the scene shifts to a college parking lot instead of the airport parking lot. I’m approached by two female students who really, really need a lift somewhere, and one of them is excited enough that she nearly drives away with my damaged car before I can climb into the driver’s seat. (The blocking confuses me.)

They have me drop them off at a party at the student center instead of their dorm, and they invite me in, as well. I start to question the one who tried to drive off with the car, because I know she had something to do with the break-in, and she gives me some story. Then I strangled her in the middle of the party with her friend not five feet away.

Somehow, no one saw her, and when I was eventually questioned by the police, they never asked me anything directly so I was able to deny or misdirect every answer, and by the end of the dream, my laptop had been found and returned, and I effectively got away with a vigilante murder. That was a bewildering dream to wake up from.