I have this big, hardbound book called The Secret Language of Birthdays. It’s lying on the floor in my closet right now, I think — I just had to move it the other day so I could reach something else on the floor in my closet … it’s a mess in there right now — but I digress. The book describes over three hundred different personalities (one for each day of the year) and discusses places where astrology and numerology and various other pseudosciences intersect on the subject of personality.

However true it may be, it’s a fascinating read, because it’s a book about characters and character traits, and how to derive and define them (in a broad sense). I normally keep it along with my Dungeon & Dragons books, which are basically references for character, personality, and designing fantasy worlds. But again, I digress. What was I going to say anyway? I think I’ve gotten completely off track…

Right, what the book has to say about me and my personality, based on the day I was born on. According to the book, my day seeks “fulfillment,” and strives constantly to find that fulfillment, wherever, however. I’m cautioned against setting goals too high for myself, and that my utter failing will be deciding for myself that obtaining a sense of fulfillment is impossible and swearing off the pursuit entirely.

The book recommends that people with my birthday take the time to slow things down, living minute-to-minute when necessary, to remember that there are things to enjoy all around, and that fulfillment is plentiful. We’re the only ones who “fail” ourselves, so learning to enjoy our successes is paramount. In other words, I’m happy with what I have right now, and I’m not going to push myself to do anything more for a while, because what I have works.