There are a lot of excuses to not write. Not reasons, excuses. I’ve been examining some of the reasons I haven’t been writing lately (namely, why I haven’t been writing outside the comic, blog, or journal…), which should be “why I haven’t been writing what I want to write.” It’s been a bit circular, while I’ve examined what I am writing, since it’s funny to think that I’m not writing when I write every day … and what it is I think I want to write, or what I should be writing.

I know I’ve been frustrated lately, holding myself back from lashing out at those around me, and I still don’t know what exactly it is that I find so infuriating. I’m trying a couple different things to see if I can’t either find a way to stop feeling so angry, or to at least make sure I have enough energy to keep my feelings in check.

And when it comes to writing, I know I’ve been making excuses. “I can write when I’ve done this,” or “I can write that when this works out,” and I realized the difference between excuses and reasons. When I tell myself that I’m allowed to write when I’ve had the chance to do x, y, or z, then I’m making excuses. There are no “requirements” to write. You either write or you don’t. Research isn’t a requirement, it’s a nicety.

Responsibilities are a separate thing. Eating, sleeping, breathing, exercising, going to work … those are responsibilities. They’re reasons, rather than excuses. Responsibilities that I have to myself, to the people around me, those are reasons to not write. When I’ve taken care of my responsibilities and I’m still not writing … I’m just making excuses, and I need to sort out my priorities.