Ugh, I can’t wait until Daylight Savings makes it so that WordPress here reports an accurate time for when the entry will post to the blog. I mean, I could change it now, but it would also change the times that my other entries posted at, which just looks wrong when I scan over them to see what I’m missing and what I need … ah, but that’s a different annoyance for a different time.

So, I’ve written a story for Nenshe, which will post throughout the rest of this week, and possibly into the next week — it depends on whether I drag out the prose when I transcribe it, or if I do a more direct sort of transcription (usually influenced by time constraints and all). The last couple of these I’ve done, I left out description in the version that appeared in my notebook either because I was lazy or hadn’t really finished the thought before putting it to the page.

*shakes head* Either way, it shouldn’t particularly matter. The story will go online in whatever form, and when I get the chance, I’ll edit it into a “more final” version that will go in a separate place on the website once I’ve collected a couple short stories to justify it. With some luck and some focus, I’ll continue with stories throughout the year, and I’ll have a nice little collection on the site to accompany the comic and the blog.