I recently switched from using The Free Dictionary to using Dictionary Dot Com because I was tired of the hideously long load times. (I guess there were plenty of other good reasons to not use Free Dictionary, but for me, it was the load times.) Anyway, I was amused by one of the flashcard things that was on the front page this morning, so I clicked through to take a look.

It was a happy list of ten words related to extrasensory perception: bilocation, clairaudience, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, psychomancy, pyrokinesis (didn’t actually notice that one until the second read-through), retrocognate, telekinesis, and telepathy. As a credit to my nerd background, I was already familiar with all these words, with the exception of “retrocognate.”

Retrocognition is the memory or perception of events that have already transpired, compared to seeing things in the future (precognition) or seeing things currently happening in another place. A concept I was actually already familiar with in all but name. Still, it’s cool to see random stuff like this pop up on a dictionary website. Sometimes I just really love being a nerd. *snerk*