I had this idea for something else to write about (not terribly interesting, I was just going to rant about what a terrible morning I was having) when I looked up and realized that I needed an entry for 12:00 and I had all of about twenty minutes to write it. Sometimes these things write themselves, and some times I have to write them over the course of an hour or several hours. My morning wasn’t writing itself.

So, instead I’m going to talk a little bit about the encounters in the next cluster. The basic idea of the third encounter cluster in Escape from White Cliff is going from the generally out-of-control area the adventure begins in (surrounded with fire and collapsing things) to a relatively more-controlled area: the security tower. For the characters to escape White Cliff, they need to access the security tower so they can leave through the front door. Of course, there’s stuff in the way.

I’d like to create the stuff for the “alternate route” they can take, through the dungeon, but as the adventure goes, they’ll wind up traveling into the dungeon anyway, so the only benefit they stand to gain from going early is … a swifter death. Creatures in the dungeons are a higher level, and while this option is open to them (try to escape through the dungeon –> mines beneath the school), it should generally be assumed that this path is a suicidal one to take.