I’ve had a strange week. It started with the longest Monday I’ve had in some time … a Monday that began at 5:30 AM and didn’t end until about 8:40 PM on Tuesday. It was a Monday To End All Mondays, let me tell you. The only way I got through it was … no, let’s not dwell on the past. It was a bad thing to do, and it’s something I don’t want to do again for a long time — if ever. I need sleep more than I like to admit (though I think I admit it more than most people I know).

Tonight! I go to see cookiemonger! We’re going to do … something, like watch a movie, I think. We haven’t decided yet. There’s just this vague plan that possibly involves venturing out of doors. It’s a nice thought. Saturday night! There’s D&D, of course, and I have to get my rear in gear if I’m going to have the monsters I need printed out for use tomorrow! (That’s what I’m going to be doing today, mostly.)

We’re going to be talking about the ongoing site redesign, see what else can be done to make things easy to navigate and find. At some point down the road, I’d love to have a wiki dedicated to the comic, but I don’t think I have the mental resources to manage a wiki myself (though I’d love to make use of it for writing purposes). You’d let me know if the cast page were horribly out-of-date, right? Right? *big eyes*