I can’t think of what might be memorable, useful, or entertaining to put here right now — this weekend is more of the same as usual: off to see cookiemonger this evening, then to Dungeons & Dragons on Saturday evening. I mean, that’s part of the regular schedule, so it doesn’t feel especially glamorous, but that isn’t to say it doesn’t mean something. *ponders* It’s all a part of this balanced breakfast — just because something is constant doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

*shakes head* Anyway, either Saturday after I get home, or sometime after I wake up on Sunday, I have a game of Arkham Horror to play through. I’ve started playing through mock games to try out some of the new expansion stuff and get a feel for how it affects gameplay. I’m still interested in revising the game to use the d20 System instead of the convoluted d6-skill system it currently uses. I also have some ideas for streamlining encounters, yadda yadda, bored now.

Some time back I found a website dedicated to, er, what was it called … this add-on for the game they called “vignettes,” which were basically a series of prefab encounters and combats intended to play out in order, to tell a specific story — this in contrast to the game’s normally disjointed encounters, skill checks, movement, and street battles. I’ll have to look up the website again, it was certainly an interesting idea.