Friday had its ups and downs, but among its ups: I wrote out three blog entries for Saturday before I left work, took a bunch more notes for “Running the Asylum” when I got home, cookiemonger took me out for dinner to a place called Aristo’s, and we all had a lovely time. Yeah, we had to wait for a while before we could get in, and it was a bit chilly outside, but we had good company.

I tried the swordfish kebabs … no idea what the Greek for it was, it started with an “x” and had a lot of vowels. Yeah, I know, my webcomic is set in a world like ancient Greece, but I swear, I make most of the names up, or choose easily recognizable ones I find in Wikipedia, and for that matter there are a lot of differences between ancient Greek and modern Greek, thank you very much. *not bitter*

We stopped by Yogurtland on our way back to cookiemonger’s, and I had my first Yogurtland experience. They give you little sample cups and all their yogurt pumps are out in the open, like a soda fountain, and they give you these great big cups to fill with yogurt. It had a weird atmosphere that reminded me of Jamba Juice, but it didn’t smell like wheat grass, so it was definitely better. (I still say Jamba Juice is evil…)