It’s White Day, which gives me an excuse to wimp out and use a link to TVtropes as the basis of an entire entry. I’m planning on fusing romance with my current project, or at least elements of the Romance genre, and so naturally my first stop was the TVtropes article, So You Want To/Write A Love Story.

In particular, there are some elements I want to take from the concepts of the Romance Arc and apply them to at least two or three pairings of Hetero Life Partners. A number of the B-Plot characters from Rumors of War, which I literally refer to as “Party B” in my notes, form a tight-knit (if dysfunctional) group of Blood Brothers (and one Blood Sister). They are variously bound together by a complicated series of favors, promises, and threats of death.

So, this is a little about my project from before, which I’ve mentioned very little of. It’s a little bit of copping out. But seriously, I need to finish this entry so I can go back to worrying about the dinner I’m going to make tonight for cookiemonger, who can read this sometime after she gets off work tomorrow. *snerk*