So, I rolled up the following characters:

    “Ashcan” Pete, the Drifter (Sneak +1 skill)
    Mandy Thompson, the Researcher (Speed +1 skill)
    Gloria Goldberg, the Author (Expert Occultist skill)
    Monterey Jack, the Archeologist (Fight +1 skill)
    Darrell Simmons, the Photographer (Marksman skill)

For kicks, I decided to roll randomly for their skill cards, which gives Pete a ludicrous potential Sneak, Gloria a rather convenient reroll on her spell checks — convenient in that she’s the only character who actually begins with any spells — and Monterey Jack gets the bonus to Fight, which improves his already decent Fight skill.

Also, though I don’t yet own The Lurker at the Threshold, I used the Arkham Horror Wiki and rolled randomly to determine the character’s relationships, which resulted in Pete and Mandy being “Socially Connected” (funny for a drifter and a researcher, but oh well), Mandy and Gloria being “Survivors” (much more plausible), Gloria and Monterey Jack are both “Collectors” (makes total sense for him).

Pete and Darrell are both “Courageous Inspirations” to one another (Ho Yay, much?), and Monterey Jack and Darrel being in a position where “The World Ain’t Big Enough For Us.” (The only relationship with possible negative connotations.) The relationships have just the right combination of “appropriate” and “bizarre” for me, that I decided to keep them all as they were, rather than reassigning any. It’s a thought experiment.