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“Nothing escapes this mace,” was what the defiant Bexcol called out in the dark when Nenshe descended upon the bandits’ camp. Bexcol made camp halfway up a hill, between the convenient cover of the woods, and a rocky outcropping. It was a bit flatter than the rest of the hill, and a seemingly ideal place to camp. The rocks weren’t as sharp, and they could station a man at the top of the hill, where he could potentially spot an armed group from distance enough to send up an alarm.

But Nenshe wasn’t an armed group, he was just one, particularly stealthy individual. He approached the hill stealthily and avoided the sight of the guard long enough to incapacitate the man with a sling-stone to the chest. He closed quickly and finished off the gasping bandit with several sloppy blows to the head with head with his club. He then crept down the hill, took cover behind the rocks, and launched a surprise attack against Bexcol and his remaining henchman from above.

Nenshe didn’t see the sheep before he attacked, he supposed that they were being kept in the woods nearby, where they would be out of sight. There was no sign of the woman-shepherd either. Finding her could wait, though, Bexcol and his men were the immediate obstacle to be overcome.