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“Nothing escapes this mace,” was the last thing one shepherd’s brother had heard before she was dragged away, screaming, along with the sheep. The man begged with Nenshe to bring his sister back, and Nenshe felt a kinship to the strange woman, as she was a shepherd like him. But he also knew that what her brother asked of him was unlikely, and he told the man as such. While Nenshe would do as much as he could, there was little chance the bandits would leave her alive.

This realization dawned on the man’s face slowly and he gradually adopted an eerie, calm look that unnerved Nenshe — Nenshe wasn’t the type to run off and risk his life for anyone, though he wasn’t sure that came across clearly. He was only protecting the sheep, he was only being paid to bring the sheep back. If he was very lucky, a few of them would still be alive — if he could take down Bexcol and his henchman.

Nenshe had confidence in his ability with the sling and club. He’d killed a few wolves and bandits before, and the wolves had generally proved to be more difficult targets. “I also have an advantage over Bexcol: I’m not being stalked by a determined shepherd.” The thought made him smile.