You know, thinking about Ogre Battle reminded me of a few things I’ve been pondering over the last Exty months, yadda yadda. It has to do with combat encounters ending with something other than the complete annihilation of one side or the other. In Ogre Battle, you don’t have direct control over the war bands you create. You can issue them basic orders like “Attack Highest Power,” “Attack Highest HP,” “Attack Lowest HP,” that sort of thing, but that’s all you have — basic tactics.

Each combatant generally gets to attack once. I’m not sure how initiative is decided, if at all, but each character on each side makes a move, and then I think the victor is determined by which side deals more damage over the course of the skirmish. If both sides survive, characters gain experience, and the losing band is shunted to one side on the main map (presumably having been forced to retreat).

Two bands can continue to engage each other multiple times until one side is entirely wiped out or their leader unit is defeated, at which point they retreat back to their base to have him revived. If a war band is completely wiped out, they’re removed from the board and the player doesn’t have to deal with them anymore. Damage carries over to new skirmishes, slowly depleting resources on both sides.