I’ll admit the story had problems before I even finished it, and it has a terrible ending. I needed to end it, though, so that I could begin revising it. It might take me a while to get back to it, but I know it needs a lot of work. First of all, the “guilt” that Elysia carries around bugs the crap out of me. I don’t want to think of the character as that pathetic. She has her problems, but she doesn’t dwell that much, even considering the relatively small scope of the story.

The main themes of the Rumors of War story are Choices and Consequences. When I have time to plan far enough ahead, these are the things I try to focus on, and they’re two points that come up a lot when the talking heads get together. “You made a choice.” “I made a choice.” “I knew what I was getting into.” Yeah, there’s some angst about making decisions, but I didn’t want it to be … like this. I’d much rather Elysia appear stronger and more sure of herself.

Two of the problems I identified from the get-go were that there was only Elysia there to draw on, and I think I’m a lot stronger at writing when there are at least two characters present — I like a dialogue, even when everything’s superficial, inferred, or completely imaginary. So, now I’m looking at some of the objects I introduced to see what can personify to fill this need.

The other thing was that I was being too tell and not enough show. I’d also rather the background and setting be more active and less passive, if that makes any sense. I might also have to name some more of the characters involved. It was an … okay first attempt. The next draft will be better, I hope. *snerk*