A collaborative endeavor of Scudder and my beloved cookiemonger has given me something to think about. (This thought piggybacking on ideas that came about following my recent re-re-perusal of Genius: The Transgression.) Loose confederations of groups and individuals that bicker and compete amongst one another are always interesting and lend some definition to a setting, so I thought about, and made a list of what factions might exist in the setting of Rumors of War.

I batted around ideas ranging from specific groups with names and titles, individual cults and temples dedicated to the gods, and such, unified groups, yadda yadda, et cetera, et cetera, and wrote about it in my notebook. First problem: Rumors of War exists in a setting where long-distance communication isn’t accessible to any sane degree. (Communication via the Aether is tricky.) Next: Rumors of War takes place in a world that has yet to develop organized government.

Following these points, there’s also the problem of religion: there are no unified religious beliefs, though like the previous two points (communication and governance), that isn’t from lack of trying. People everywhere (even neighboring states) have different languages, customs, traditions, laws, gods, heroes, kings, beliefs, and so on, and while many of them share roots and other recognizable bits, organizations that span distances greater than a small, relatively localized area are … rare.

With this in mind, I’m going forward with the idea that these factions most likely represent classes of smaller groups, as opposed to large organizations.