Well, after accidentally watching the third episode, I went back and watched the first two, and then the following two or three episodes of Madoka, with cookiemonger. (This was Friday evening and Saturday in the early afternoon, as I recall.) I’m enjoying the show well enough, but I’m finding it more entertaining picking cookiemonger’s brain after (or sometimes in the middle of) an episode. The show fails to live up to the “Wham” hype it has on TVtropes.

I don’t know, maybe it’s because I simply expect more from a show. While the show isn’t entirely unoriginal, I’ve recently re-viewed Utena, so the architecture isn’t quite as blow-your-mind fascinating as it’s made out to be. Incidentally, the show seems to borrow a lot from the Mind Screw-y themes of Utena, while focusing on violence and horror instead of identity and adulthood. One of the first major twists of Madoka occurred in the beginning of Claymore.

Cookiemonger pointed out that the characters seem to know more about the Grief Seeds “dropped” by the witches than we’ve been told. They act like they’re these big, scary, dangerous things, but we haven’t been told what it is the Grief Seeds even do. I’m curious, now, how it is the witches are able to leave their “kiss” on mortal victims when they don’t seem to ever leave their mazes. The pacing reminds me of the pacing of my comic, actually, but without the benefit of months to reread individual chapters before a Time Skip.

I plan to keep watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica because it interests me and it’s been a while since an anime actually jumped out and grabbed me. Soul Eater had me for a while, but it didn’t really grab my attention with its story or characters … mostly just its visuals. I’m still struggling around the eighth episode or so … and I needed my friend Megan’s insistence to make it through Code Geass, which lost my attention in almost no time at all.

I’d recommend the show to others, but I’m still holding my breath to see whether it will impress me or not. I’m picky. *shrug*