I’m interested in saints and sainthood, so I’m reading about them on Wikipedia. It’s actually been quite a while since I read about them, I remember making a mental note at some point to find an enormous list, so I could just tick them off as I read about them (haha, tick off the saints … never mind) since I read about Saint Nicholas way back and complained about the commercialization of Christmas. Actually, I searched my archives and apparently I didn’t… so never mind.

So yeah, I’m interested in the saints partly because I read somewhere that a number of their legends were integrated from the deities of local cultures that were converted to Christianity. That got me thinking I might “reverse-engineer” some of the legends to add to the myths surrounding my versions of the Greek gods. The legends would be familiar to some readers (points for familiarity), and it works on another level to provide a bit of a mythological in-joke. I might be the only one laughing, though. *shrug*

There’s more to it than that, of course (I mean, there tends to be), I’m curious about myths and legends in general, so it makes sense that I’d make my way around to saints and martyrs and such, and it helps that they tend to be documented. (I wonder if there’s a smart-phone app that helps you search for and identify the appropriate saint for a given situation?)

The Saint template in The Book of Exalted Deeds for D&D Third Edition certainly helped to spur my interest a few years ago, and the books Complete Divine and Complete Champion got my interest as well. My original reading led me to create my Shepherd character for a Serenity game.