I had an idea for how to make this project something manageable and totally within my grasp. I started putting the events I was originally designing as encounters, instead into “phases” via The Phase Method. I’ve been experimenting with this method since I learned about it in October. I don’t have any reason to believe it’ll work better this time around than it did before, except…

Except that I’ve had a chance to play with the setting and develop the characters and the plot. I have a much narrower amount of time that I’m dealing with, less travel, and more specific events in mind. I’m also juggling fewer characters, and the plot is much smaller in scope. Most everything is at a more manageable level.

I’ve also been using the method since I found it in October, albeit on the scripts for Rumors of War, on a much smaller level. I’ve also been tinkering around with short stories (and utterly failing in some cases, but never mind those, it’s all a learning experience). The phases I’ve written make more sense now. They deal with smaller increments of time and include more helpful information.

I think I’ll give myself to the end of the week to come up with the first draft-thing. Of course, I also have two short stories to read and critique by Wednesday, a chapter of the comic to script and build by Friday. And of course, there’s the blog to keep up with throughout the week. It’s just a matter of finding a method of writing that will hold my attention span. Then I can take over the world. Courteously.