Now, this is why you’re never supposed to believe me when I say things like “I’m going to write a Fruben novel,” because something else inevitably crops up whenever I think I’m going to do something big. Of course, it’s being deferred for something else big, but to prevent myself from jinxing it, I’m not going to actually say what it is. Yet, I mean. I want to talk a little about it, though. Just a little.

First of all, it’s related to Rumors of War, which should really come as no surprise. It’s my baby, I’ve put a lot of hard work and man-hours into it, and it’s all I’ve really been writing lately. It actually works out to sort of be something that I originally planned to do, dropped, kind of picked up again, dropped again, and am now trying out (for, like, the third time) sort of. There’s some commitment anxiety on my part.

So, I’m designing (rather, redesigning) characters, outlining and developing a plot, and doing some research. *sigh* Obviously, I want to be optimistic, and I am, really, it’s just that I’m also realistic. But I have practice doing some writing, I don’t have to create a “new” setting (I just have to continue branching off of the Rumors of War ‘Verse), so whether or not the final product sees the light, my work ultimately will help me.