I recently got a hold of a ton of Utena music, thanks to (in no small part) cookiemonger, and I’ve been listening to it over the last couple days. Now, some of the choral rock (generally the music that plays during the duels) is pretty flippin’ weird. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it might be worth reading the lyrics some time — they’re … well, they’re just strange. (AMMONITE!)

So, I think I’ve gotten into music that was recorded for the series but never used, because I do not recognize some of this music. Plus, it gets weirder: I swear I recognize some of it from Earthbound. Earthbound is a pretty weird game in places (you’re attacked by animated stop signs, parking meters, and taxi cabs for a few pedestrian examples) and the music is no exception.

On some repeat-listens I realized it was, of course, not music used in Earthbound, but there were some distinct similarities — I mean, enough that it got me thinking about the game. *shakes head* Mixing Utena and Earthbound is … well, some weird mental images came up, none of which seemed out of the ordinary for either.

Black Rose Crest was destroyed! Wakaba returned to normal