I think it was something cookiemonger said. Something about the Indiana Jones villain, Lao Che, scoring a victory against the hero without suffering any significant losses. Ah yes, there it is. Anyway, since I read that, I kept thinking “Huh? Really?” And I was filled with this stupid driving need to watch the movie again. Which I finally did, last night. (Originally had other plans, but those fell through.)

And she’s right, Lao Che wins. The mobster’s henchman kills the hero’s friend, he successfully poisons Indy, he gets the artifact he sent the hero to retrieve, and all he has to do to get the “payment” back (which Indy traded back for the antidote to the poison) is kill enough janitors until one of them hands it over after that ridiculous scene where it got kicked around during the panic.

Sure, his nightclub got trashed and one of his singers ran off, but he got what he wanted. Oh, and he lost a driver, a car, and a plane, but he clearly survived the car accident (he was seen waving “goodbye” to Indy as the plane took off) and he presumably has plenty enough money that all these things he lost can easily be replaced. We see him upset over the one minion’s death, but only briefly.

…Oh, and on a separate note, it was painfully obvious this time around, the whole “going through a painful divorce during the production of the film,” thing. The parade of humiliations Willie was forced to endure over the course of the film, while I might have once found it funny (as a kid) or irritating (as a teen), I actually found to be between painful and offensive. There’s some justification … but I don’t buy it.