Started seeing trailers for Sucker Punch just a few weeks ago — if they’ve been coming out for longer than that, well, I haven’t been going to the movie a whole lot lately, so it’s possible I just missed them up ’til recently.

The trailers elicited a largely “meh” response, it looked like a nerd-sploitation film to me, based on the images that flashed on the screen — girls in school uniforms with sword and pistols versus giant, minigun-wielding samurai, steam-powered zombie soldiers, zeppelins, orcs, dragons, robots, … the movie is bloated with so many memes, it’s … well. We had good timing, and we were all interested. :P

The beginning of the movie plays out as a series of music videos and just enough information to guess at what’s going on: girls’ mother dies, abusive stepfather gets nothing in the will, girl defends herself and her sister, winds up locked away in an asylum for the “mentally insane” (as opposed to those “physically insane” you get sometimes, as pointed out by cookiemonger).

The dream-sequences where the girls go into the different … uh, dream-like things, are all pretty cool, though they decrease significantly in detail and construction as the film progresses. The first two (giant samurai, and steampunk World War Mashup with zombies) are lengthy and quite enjoyable, we particularly enjoyed how the zombies “bled” steam … being steam-powered and all.

As the movie progressed, though, the dream sequences got shorter and were less detailed, until the final sequence, where the girls rob a futuristic train guarded by robots, was just a single fight in slow motion, which I found disappointing. (I also found the castle siege and dragon fight disappointingly short.) The film’s story worked well enough to tie together a series of wet dreams and was somewhat satisfying.

Fun, and not terribly cerebral (*snerk*). There were enough things about the film that made me uncomfortable (many of the scenes in the asylum elicited a squick response from me) that I won’t go out of my way to acquire my own copy of the movie.