This was the perfect double-feature to go with a movie like Sucker Punch. I’ve had this movie suggested to me a number of times over the last couple years, and I swear I’ve read the examples on the trope page before, even if I don’t remember any of them. I’m sure there are also no fewer than two other movies I’ve been confusing this film with, at least one of which is animated.

But no more! Now that I’ve seen Repo! I know I must eventually add it to my collection, along with Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. For an opera, I had surprisingly little trouble embracing the film, I would have expected to have more trouble, especially when one of the biggest draws to any multimedia production is dialogue and wordplay. (Oh no, I’m not hard to please at all, am I? Cheeky bastard.)

The violence is bloody hilarious, and the comedy is blacker than the complete absence of light, which means I laughed through practically the whole thing. I wouldn’t recommend this film to anyone I can think of who hasn’t already seen it (that I know of) because I can’t think of many people who laugh at and enjoy things the way I do. I’m not sure why it receives so many comparisons to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Without a doubt, my favorite character is The Narrator/Grave-Robber. He’s pretty, he has a pretty voice, and his part involves sticking hypodermic needles up the noses of corpses and then selling the glowing-blue contents (never mind the color difference, it’s still evil) to addicts for exorbitant sums of money. Pure awesome.