My first post on the “Streets of Ninevica” has gone live. “Streets of Ninevica” is a WordPress roleplay led by cookiemonger and Scudder (you can also read a bit more about the world itself). The character I play is Garret Ford, a tough everydude with the power to absorb lots of hits when he’s conscious of them. He also appears to have a problem with stairs, as of turn one. (Not a morning person?)

We’ve only just begun our search for an object (or person?) called the Artefact, which each of our characters has some interest or involvement with, which may or may not be the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of. Garret’s thinks he’s been hit over the head with it and wants to find it and destroy it, because he imagines it’s a weapon of some sort. You can read his first post, here. (His start is an example of Good Morning Crono.)

I got involved with the roleplay through cookiemonger, and we’ve talked a bit about the setting, the people, and what’s to come. Cookiemonger’s character is the cold and efficient Delphinea Scarpino of the crime syndicate. (I wonder how they’ll get along, Garret and Delphy? *snerk*) Our characters have yet to converge, but we’re all headed toward a meeting point, possibly somewhere in “Sector 2” of the city.