I feel weird about this, but here I’ve gone and added Rumors of War to another webcomic listing. ((Misspelled webcomic twice just now — once as “wbcomic” and then as “webomic” — apparently I don’t feel like spelling is very high on the list of mental priorities (just not misspelled as “priopitories”) … anyway))

I don’t know. It feels about the right time to start putting the comic out there … s’more. It’s actually possible to comment on individual pages now, if you spot a spelling or grammatical error. Since I have everything at work with me (including flash drive for file transfer) I could actually fix any errors on a given page within minutes (or a few hours) of their detection. It feels weird having that much control over the comic now.

So, yeah. The new listing is “Top Webcomics.” It’s another ranking site. I suppose if I get a chunk of traffic from them, I’ll go ahead and stick a banner linking back to it, but I don’t really trust these things. I’m getting decent traffic from the last one, which is what made signing up for this one easier. They had a whole slew of “marketing incentives” on the page … but I’m not about to give them money for anything.

I certainly don’t make money from Rumors of War, I don’t see why they should get money from me for something that doesn’t pay. I might be weird, though. *shrug*

edit: You can tell I’m really dedicated, here, I’ve gone and tried to look up another potential webcomic list, and immediately stopped, feeling overwhelmed.