What is a driving question? I spent a good chunk of this morning reading examples from the page and thinking about a few questions I’ve been asked recently (and some older questions) that motivate me. One question I ask myself regularly is “who am I?” I need a lot of time to answer that one, and I’m still not satisfied with what I have, so I keep asking the question over and over again…

Another question I ask myself a lot (especially in the last few years) is “what are my talents?” Alternatively, the question is “what am I good at?” or “what do I enjoy?” which could both be seen as subordinate to the first question, “who am I?” One of the questions I use to help break down that first question (and the other, subsequent questions) is “how do I define X?” like “how do I define myself?”

Other questions I’ve been given in recent years have been “what is important to you?” and most recently, “what do you want to improve about yourself?” which I think are both excellent questions. An interesting point of both of these questions is how I’ve “adopted” them. It’s one thing to have someone ask a question of you, but it takes … another thing … to ask the question of yourself.

I was thinking this morning that a question can be like any other part of “character creation” when defining your character (whether for a game or a story), like the selection of race, class, powers, skills, and other sundry details. Questions give characters another kind of focus, sometimes a defining characteristic. There’s the question itself, and there’s how the character answers it (or seeks an answer).