I am so not a reviewer. I don’t have a review style (unique opinion worth reading?) and I don’t posit that what I have to say about a given work is fundamental truth. I bring this up because I just saw a video review of Sucker Punch and noted the differences between the way I discussed the film, and the way Movie Bob reviewed the film. For me, his review veers close to Gushing About Shows You Like, but I haven’t seen any of his other reviews, it might be something he does.

It struck me that he used lots of words and expressions that made sense to me, and stated uh, I don’t know … facts, I guess, about the movie that are things I don’t think I would’ve observed about it. I don’t write reviews, there’s too much responsibility attached. I’m sharing an experience, a reaction, a thought. It isn’t intended to be taken as a critical analysis of the work in question. Not unlike this entry … it’s a thought. A lot of the things in his review made me think, but didn’t affect my reaction of the film.

I’m of the mind that I don’t really want to see Sucker Punch again because I enjoyed it enough the first time that watching it again would have me start picking it apart and finding things about it that I don’t like. Like Watchmen and 300. I know one of the things I look for in a work is what would be called “replay value” in a video game. Can I enjoy the movie as much (or more) on a second viewing? More on this later.