The subject line is a quote from Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2. From Kain to Raziel, in reference to the many puppeteers pulling Raziel’s strings, and Raziel’s focusing of his hatred at Kain.

So what is it like to be frustrated, angry all the time? Why is it? Is it about a pain that can’t be stopped, a wound that won’t be healed? Is it about feeling impotent or trapped in a situation with no escape? Raging against anyone and everything, or perhaps even, holding it all inside and trying to release it where no one will have to see or feel it? What does it mean to hate?

The dictionary definition of hate is to dislike something intensely or passionately. To feel an extreme aversion or hostility towards something. To feel abhorrence of something, repulsion. I looked up other words used in the definition, related words, suggested meanings. Somehow, looking through these words tells me that hate isn’t actually a bad thing. Undesirable, perhaps, but not inherently bad.

It’s important to find some things abhorrent, because certain activities are unhealthy or dangerous, and an aversion to something which starts as a electrochemical reaction in the brain is probably the most efficient way to avoid it. It seems to me that, like anger, it’s what you do about an emotion is what can be judged as right or wrong, not the emotion itself. Anger and hate aren’t happy feelings but they are still valid feelings.