I’d like to take a moment to direct your attention to a fan-produced game for the World of Darkness setting called Genius: The Transgression. I learned about it through TVtropes, of course, because that’s where I get all of my information… er, I’ve spent a lot of time on the site.

I think I probably found it while looking through Mad Science-related tropes related to Girl Genius, the game is about mortals who are inspired to science through some triggering event called the Catalyst, after which they’re subject to manic sprees of building things … not at all unlike being taken by a Strange Mood in Dwarf Fortress.

I like reading the book, and it’s free. As with most books that use the World of Darkness setting and style, it has a very distinct mood, which tickles just the right parts of my brain when I read it. I usually come away from it with some cool new writing ideas, and I like to skim the storytelling sections.