I’m taking a mental health break from running Escape from White Cliff for the next several weeks and the rest of the group is going to try playing a gang of five fighters. (It was interesting enough that they talked over some of my lead-out exposition as we were concluding the session. I hope someone was taking notes…) Of course, I won’t be playing, but as soon as I got home I sat down and put together six or seven fighters, starting with the ones I mentioned earlier.

One of the players already built a ragevigor battler or a battlebattle ragerager or whatever they’re called, so I went ahead and skipped over that one. Oh, and it was pointed out to me in the comment thread over at The Hunter’s Quarry Debacle that the Slayer adds its Dexterity bonus to damage (we were talking about strikers, but this was news to me because I hadn’t explored the Essentials material very thoroughly) so with that in hand, I looked over the Knight and the Slayer.

I can’t decide if I prefer the half-orc Tempest Style fighter or the half-orc Slayer armed with the double scimitar. Well… they both have roughly the same defenses, though the Tempest fighter gets a bonus to AC and Reflex while wielding an off-hand weapon. The Slayer gets a slightly higher attack and damage bonus, based on class features … but the Tempest fighter can get a bit more damage via encounter/daily powers.

Okay, that wasn’t terribly difficult to decide — I think I’d definitely choose the Tempest fighter for myself, if only because I’d have more customization options. It’s like choosing between a 3.5 Fighter and Warblade. There’s just no comparison — the Warblade has more options, even if the Fighter is simpler. (I think even in that example, the Warblade out-damages the Fighter, so it’s a bad example.)

The Knight I found interesting — I made a dwarf Knight with the Dwarven Weapon Training feat so I could arm the scary, bearded bugger with a craghammer (superior one-handed, hammer, +2 prof., 1d10 damage, versatile, brutal 2). In full plate armor and with a heavy shield, he has a 20 Armor Class at first level, plenty of hit points, and he deals of 9-16 damage with a basic attack. Now, a real fighter would…