One weapon I’d love to make work as part of a fighter concept is the greatspear. It’s a superior weapon, so it requires a feat to use, but it has Reach, uses the d10 for damage, and counts as both a polearm and a spear, which is really handy for qualifying for various weapon-based Fighter powers. Martial Power has a paragon path, “Polearm Master,” with a once-a-day threatening reach stance! It’s also hard to argue with the +3 proficiency bonus. (Rare among polearms!)

Armor-Piercing Thrust is a great 3rd-level power if you decide to buff up your Dexterity (either because you chose Agile Superiority, or a fighter talent that benefits from a higher Dexterity) because it adds a bonus to both your attack and damage equal to your Dexterity bonus. Strength plus Dexterity versus Reflex defense is sweet. The Weapon Master powers from Dungeon 382 are also appealing. :)

From the look of the feats associated with spears, your secondary role is likely a controller, of the “I want to push you around, so I will” variety. You’ll be best suited to pushing, sliding, and bowling over enemies — there are great powers and feats oriented towards charge attacks, so look into those as well. I’m going to have to poke around the powers some more before I can come up with a decent spear build.

That said, I’m tired of the fighter. Next time, I talk about Rangers!