I created a list of six faction types that I figure exist in the Rumors of War ‘verse — I suppose I could make a definitive statement, but I’ve been wrong before, so I’d like to keep it fairly ambiguous until I make some more decisions about how the world works. It also means I can change my mind later. All that aside, the fifth type is a bit wonky (not unlike the others), and is composed of tribes.

The tribes represent most normal people of a world in chaos. They’re generally stationary, but can just as easily be nomadic herdsmen, as they are in some parts of the world where vegetation is sparser and staying in one location is simply less realistic. The tribes also tend to be extended family units, or clans, but can just as easily be groups of displaced, disorganized individuals. (Unless they’re pilgrims.)

The main feature that sets tribes apart from guilds is that they shy away from meritocracy, which tends to serve as the basis for guilds — the feature that sets them apart from pilgrims is they’re more likely to be related in a familial sense — the feature that sets them apart from pirates is that they tend to manage themselves and maintain self-sufficiency instead of preying on others.

Still, the tribes are different from tyrants in that they’re usually far less organized (and how!) and more spread out, and while they may have their own heroes, legends, and gods, a tribe is less likely to be based around a specific individual, unless the faction itself is transforming from a tribes faction to a knights faction, which is possible.

There’s a reason I potentially labeled them “others.”