I came up with a list of six categories of factions for Rumors of War, which conveniently sort of stratifies the social order of the world. I described the Princes faction this morning, so here we have the flip side of that: the people who live and work in the communities the prince support.

I took a workshop at an SCA event that discussed the pilgrimages around the time of the crusades, and following a sort of inside joke of mine (one of those inside jokes you have with yourself because no one else gets it) that everything we did, the Greeks did first, decided that the commoners of the setting were constantly moving every few years, which gave me some interesting plot hooks.

Some of the pilgrims that appear in the comic have been displaced by war, some of them are seeking new or better lives. A pilgrim is generally defined as a religious devotee who journeys or quests to a shrine or sacred place, or even more generally refers to any travelers, wayfarers, or foreigners. The way I look at: the workers moving every few years to new places, cycling through locations, seeking opportunity.

edit: I felt the need to include this after rereading a synopsis of Hesiod’s Works and Days. At the top of the pilgrim social class are the Judges, who would be the equivalent of leaders if the faction had any real organization, but they constantly seek out places where disputes must be settled and distribute their ruling on matters of law. They’re usually among the most experienced wayfarers.