I came up with a list of six categories of factions for the Rumors of War ‘verse, with the intent to cut a step out of character creation — mostly, it fills out part of a character’s motivation that I otherwise would have had to find other justification. It also provides some social structure for the setting at large. Huzzah!

Contrasting with the tyrant factions, knights (also: nobles, chiefs, lords, or heroes) represent the previous forces of order and authority of the ancient world, most of them claiming descent from one or more gods, or other heroes of legend. They can often claim the respect of the people without having anything to show. While princes create realms through force, knights form the center of personality cults.

Knights may be what they claim to be: heroes of legend with a legitimate claim to authority, or they may be charlatans, taking credit for the deeds of others, or perhaps something even more elaborate. Knights may vary substantially in views and moral fiber, owing to their descent from the gods (or demigods, or heroes, or other forces), and are often follow complex and conflicting codes of honor.