For last week’s Dungeons & Dragons game, I designed three elite enemies, a dragonborn ranger, an elf seeker, and a dwarf battlemind. While the battle went a good length, and everyone seemed satisfied with the overall difficulty of the battle, looking over the enemies, I have to wonder if there wasn’t more I could do with these elite enemies. I’m making them all myself, and it matters to me.

Really, most of the difficulty of the battle didn’t come from the elite enemies, so much as the party’s reaction to the enemies — they divided their damage between several foes, and inadvertently made things more difficult for themselves. If the enemies had been more powerful, I’d probably have killed a few characters — while not my goal, it should realistically happen when the party botches a fight the way they did.

One of the things I tried out was giving the battlemind a multi-attack At-Will, but he didn’t get very many chances to use it — the party wisely avoided entering melee combat with him after the first few disastrous rounds nearly ended in one character’s death — and after the first few rounds he wasn’t very useful. The seeker I built was able to hit with nearly all of his attacks, he simply didn’t do anything when he hit.

So, what am I going to do with the next round of elite foes? I don’t know yet. I want to play around with minor and immediate actions, since the party is simply too careful to provoke opportunity attacks — unless, of course, I can figure out how to get them to provoke opportunity attacks… maybe that’s what I’ll try for with the next big one.