I dreamed last night, of a strange environment — probably an enclosed, artificial environment, like a space station. The dream itself resembled a level of Ratchet & Clank, with me in the protagonist’s role, running around collecting things. I don’t remember any enemies except the “boss,” which I’ll get to in a bit — there was even a “rail grind” section, though I don’t recall actually traversing it.

The part I remember most clearly, probably because it was the last thing I saw before I woke up, was a stupid scene that preceded the “boss fight,” where my sidekick (who made a sole appearance in this scene) taunted a … sausage … until it got angry with me and began to grow to enormous proportions. I was similarly enlarged, and transformed into … a pancake. Presumably just for the duration of the boss fight.

Anyway, I had the misfortune of leading the “boss” away from the area where I could actually harm him (I was apparently supposed to use a series of radio stations, speakers, and amplifiers to overcome him with sound waves…) where he got “stuck” on the environment. This broke the dream’s “progression,” and I had to walk a long, long way to travel when I was inexplicably returned back to my normal size.

On my roundabout journey back to the point where I’d originally run into the boss, I was again unfortunate enough to come across one of the level’s earlier hazards (I must have bypassed it the first time), a bit of faulty anti-gravity that catapulted me high in the air. I landed in a pool of shallow water and was miraculously unharmed, but it was a jarring enough experience that I woke up soon thereafter.