Cookiemonger and I went on a double date Saturday with her friend Rachel, we met her date at Barnes & Noble (in the manga section, no less) at the Jordan Landing mall, and we walked to Santa Monica Pizza for lunch. We got the “Santa Monica” pizza, though sadly with bacon on only half the pizza, and no onions (I weeped little weepy tears for their loss), and we talked about … lotsa stuff.

After pizza, we walked over to the movie theater (it was cold outside!) and caught the two-something showing of Sucker Punch (the timing was just perfect), which we all enjoyed, and after the movie, we hit up Cold Stone for ice cream and Jamba Juice for … fruit and/or vegetable smoothies … um, which are evil. *shifty look* We walked back to B&N to complete our circuit, and cookiemonger and I looked at travel books.

To finish off the evening, we headed first by Rachel’s, to pick up her copy of REPO! The Genetic Opera, and then to cookiemonger’s to make use of the family room. I really, really enjoyed REPO! We watched a couple Internet videos (really, what nerdy date is complete without ‘Net videos?) and ended our night early. Cookiemonger and I are still narrowing down our honeymoon location. (I think we’ve decided on the UK.)