I made it all the way to the last disc of the 10-disc Utena collection and found what I can only think to describe as the dance remix versions of the more iconic arrangements from the series. There’s even a version of “The Sunlit Garden” that doesn’t make me want to jam forks in my ears! But this goes to show I was beaten to the Dance Dance Revolution concept for Utena by its creators.

My brother and I can still lay claim to the DDR/Utena/Invader ZIM crossover, though. (That just reminds me that one or both of us need to go back and finish a couple of those fan fics some day, we had some fun stuff. *snerk*) On the whole, I’ve found the content of the discs to be somewhat … well, I found a lot of my favorite music, but it’d be nice if it were easier to discern the stuff that was actually in the series.

I don’t know if the movie soundtrack is included, of if this is just an orgy of official and remixed Utena music … the song I’m listening to now sounds like it could be playing in the background of The Sims. This goes beyond weird. There was an arrangement of another song that sounded like it would have been right at home in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain or Soul Reaver. So. Damn. Weird. Makes me want to write fan fiction.

edit: What the hell, there’s a luau arrangement. What. The. Hell.