Trying to figure out some of the things to make the site more navigable. Ease of use is important. We’re also working on getting the archives moved over to the ComicPress format so they can be searched and linked the same as the other pages. I think, once they’ve all been moved over, I’ll go through and organize all the pages into Chapters and/or Story Arcs. I might even try to tag them … but I don’t know about that — what would I tag? Characters? Plot points?

Either way, you may experience some turbulence while we get settled in the new format. I already kind of miss the purple-and-orange background. Whatever happens, the main idea is to make things easier to find, easier to read, and generally more accessible. If there’s anything you’d like to see change specifically, feel free to drop us a line — comment on this or any other post, whenever you think of something.