So, here we are at the six hundredth entry in the Norvendae blog. We’re coming up on six months of regular blog updates, actually — the blog began updating September 17th, which will have to be its birthday, to be celebrated around the six-month un-birthday of Rumors of War. *snerk* Yeah, I’ve changed the rules a little bit in how the blog update schedule works, but that was for my own sanity.

I’d love to maybe have a piece of cake or a glass of wine in celebration for the year, but I really, really feel like crap, since I pulled an all-nighter to make sure there would be new pages for the next week. I think I have a winning combination for outlining future story arcs in the webcomic. It’s fun, but a bit time-consuming at the moment. I’m going to work on streamlining it and see where it takes me.

The basic process utilizes the D&D Character Builder to develop character concepts, and derive individual goals and themes, then uses Arkham Horror to bring all the characters from the above method together as a cohesive group and organize events the group overcomes together. There’s more to it than that, and actually telling a story requires interpretation of all the disparate information.

Honestly, I have another two, maybe three layers of story design beyond that, but here we’re talking about the nuts and bolts — or possibly the sheet metal. I don’t know, the metaphor escapes me at the moment. I’m going to blame my zero- hours of sleep.