I came up with an interesting thought experiment. I decided to take the original sixteen characters from the base set of Arkham Horror and design scenarios around random groupings of them. I’ll pick out five of them (selected at random) and use them as the basis for an adventure. Focusing primarily on encounters in their home locations, the skills they excel at, et cetera.

Why? Partly because I’m bored. Partly to see what comes out of it. The reason it’s a thought experiment is because I want to see what I think of while I work on it. I have to come up with little projects now and then to occupy my brain, and when I find one that doesn’t take a lot of time, that provokes some thought, I latch onto it. I’ve been trying to come up with one that uses Arkham Horror for … some time.

I’m familiar with the characters, I’m familiar with the setting, and I’m familiar with the game mechanics. It’s more random and requires less preparation than Dungeons & Dragons, while simultaneously being intricate enough as to require some actual thought to reconcile characters, locations, and encounters (which makes it better than just rolling dice or picking out cards from Magic: the Gathering or a Tarot deck).