I was thinking about making fulfillment of the characters’ “Personal Stories” part of the plot of the game, and looking at the stories available, it looks entirely possible to fulfill several of them in the course of gameplay. The easiest ones will be “Ashcan” Pete’s, Gloria Goldberg’s, and Monterey Jack’s. Darrell Simmons’s is difficult, and Mandy Thompson’s is impossible.

As it turns out, Pete needs to collect a Dreamlands trophy, and he begins play right next to a Dreamlands gate, so ideally, he pops right in before the protagonist arrives, and appears right about the time the main character would be able to access the gate anyway (which is initially blocked off, due to the effect of the Fourth of July Parade! mythos card). Jack needs three monster trophies (the first four monsters are easy ones), and Gloria needs 3 clue tokens (to the Woods, and then the Black Cave).

By my count, that has three of the non-player characters completing their personal stories by the end of week two, which leaves Darrell Simmons and Mandy Thompson sadly unfulfilled. If Darrell were to get really, really lucky and find a way back to Arkham (he doesn’t begin with a Gate Box, sadly) as one of his encounters, he could possible collect 2 gate trophies in just five turns. Or if he got the Dreamlands gate.

But Darrell’s going to let Pete close the gate and complete his Personal Story, because they share the “Courageous Inspiration” relationship, and Pete needs to fight his own battles (represented by closing the gate). Darrel knows there are plenty of other fish. And by fish I mean tears in the fabric of reality that need mending.