As I have with several projects in the past, I’m imagining turning this into an RPGMaker game, somehow. I’d like to use all-original graphics, of course, but that takes time, even with sprites (and I’ve no experience at all with backgrounds). So in the meantime, we’re looking at D&D options: I have a setting to design, and several locations, a few characters with personalities to develop.

Of course, the ideas for an RPGMaker game have me looking at things in interesting ways. I see this as a game that’s makes extensive use of the New Game Plus feature, as the character interacts with the location repeatedly over the same four weeks in a Groundhog’s Day Loop to affect some change on the outcome of a series of rather unfortunate events. I mean, I drew Azathoth for the game’s villain.

I have yet to determine the protagonist, and I’m deliberately waiting to design the protagonist last, in case I do decide to make an RPGMaker game. I want to have the setting and the characters plotted out before I decide who the “hero” is, so they can be the last piece of the puzzle I put in. Not for any particular reason that I can think of, just because, it seems like the thing to do.