I decided to limit the scope of the adventure in terms of both location and time. The adventure plays out over the course of one month, with each round (upkeep-move-encounter-Mythos) representing the passage of one week. I decided to use a list of Mythos cards I’d already drawn (from a different writing project) because I didn’t have any Mythos cards on hand when I began this experiment.

    week 0: Fund Drive for the Arts! (The King in Yellow)
    week 1: Fourth of July Parade! (Core game)
    week 2: Things of Darkness (Core game)
    week 3: Southside Strangler Strikes, The (Core game)
    week 4: High Tides! (The King in Yellow)

The events of the first Mythos card are resolved before the player character(s) arrive in the adventure environment. Based on the home locations of the five characters I drew (Pete, Mandy, Gloria, Jack, and Darrell), I created a condensed list of locations necessary to the adventure, based on the original board:

    Downtown (white)
    Independence Square (gate/week 3, clue/week 4)
    Easttown (black)
    Velma’s Diner (Gloria’s hangout)
    Rivertown (purple)
    Black Cave (clue/week 1)
    Graveyard (clue/week 2)
    French Hill (blue)
    Silver Twilight Lodge (gate/week 2)
    Witch House (gate/week 1)
    Southside (brown)
    Ma’s Boarding House (rumor/week 3)
    Uptown (red)
    The Woods (clue/week 0, gate/week 4)
    Miskatonic U. (yellow)
    The Library (Mandy’s hangout)
    Merchant Dist. (green)
    River Docks (Pete’s hangout)
    The Unnameable (gate/week 0)
    Northside (orange)
    The Newspaper (Darrell’s hangout)
    Curiositie Shoppe (Jack’s hangout)

Based on the Mythos cards I drew (namely, Fourth of July Parade!), the Unnameable and the River Docks (and thus, Pete) will be completely inaccessible for the first “week” of the adventure. This is cool with me, as the player character(s) will still have three great locations to examine: the Witch House, where there’s an open gate, or either the Woods or the Black Cave, where there are two clues each.